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Gravitas Masterclass

A transformational course for leaders and business owners looking for lasting influence and impact

What does it take to command respect as a leader in your field?

In today’s work environment, it’s not enough to rely on title or expertise to command respect or be noticed. What’s required is an ability to communicate effectively, build meaningful relationships and use your influence to achieve goals.

Whatever your role, creating a personal brand that people are attracted to and knowing how to raise your profile is crucial for success. You could be the best in your business, but if people don’t know who you are, you won’t get the recognition you deserve.



Clarify your message, communicate with credibility and get your voice heard.



Define your authentic brand, increase your visibility and make a powerful impact.


Supercharge your progression and land the role you deserve.

This is no vanilla, cookie-cutter course

The Gravitas Masterclass has been trusted by leaders for over a decade. Based on extensive research with global leaders and designed by gravitas expert and author of Leading with Gravitas, Antoinette Dale Henderson, you’ll learn the six key ingredients to gravitas and gain access to simple techniques to develop this powerful business skill.

Gravitas Masterclass

A one-day course, held twice-yearly in Central London, 100% tailored to the delegates in the room. Early booking is advisable.

Gravitas Profiling

Exclusive access to your own Gravitas Profile Report, only available to people who come on our programmes.

Gravitas Coaching

Deepen your experience by supplementing the Masterclass with one to one coaching. Choose from one, two or three sessions.

Gravitas Resources

All participants receive a signed copy of Leading with Gravitas and a comprehensive workbook to aid your own learning.

Outcomes of this powerful course are profound and long lasting and include the ability to:


Communicate with credibility


Increase your visibility


Influence with integrity


Present confidently


Own the room


Navigate challenging conversations

Upcoming dates

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11th NOVEMBER 2022


10th MARCH 2023


15th SEPTEMBER 2023


If you’re looking for one to one support, Antoinette also offers Executive Coaching and Leadership Branding Programmes.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help

What people say

“I now have more confidence and presence and the courage to stand up for what I believe in.”
“The best training I’ve been on in the 15 years I’ve been in the business.”
Simon H, Associate Director, engineering
“Extremely well presented: I came away with a changed viewpoint and a set of tools that I can put into practice.”
Conway D, Senior Leader, armed forces

Isn’t it time you took control?

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