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To communicate is to lead: what message are you sending out?

Thriving through change

In today’s pressurized, fast-paced workplace, the word ‘change’ often means chaos, complexity and stress.

In an increasingly competitive environment, pitches are harder fought, contracts harder won and senior roles harder to come by.

When success rides on one person’s ability to articulate a compelling message with conviction and authority, the stakes are high.

As an organisation, team or individual, you could be the best in your business, but if people don’t know who you are, you won’t get the recognition – or results – you deserve.

Gravitas is an essential leadership quality during times of change

Leaders with gravitas are calm in a crisis, cut through the chaos and illuminate a pathway to success.

The good news is, any leader can develop gravitas when they follow Antoinette’s unique, proven methodology, encapsulated in her book, Leading with Gravitas.


Communicate with Clarity

Influence with Integrity

Lead with Impact

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Tailored programmes designed for you

Antoinette and her team of associates have developed a suite of programmes both for organisations and individuals. And because women only make up 19% of boards1 and represent only 22% of senior management teams2, she’s created a solution *just* for them.


Partnering with you to build stronger, more articulate and assertive leaders.


Working alongside you to increase your impact and accelerate your progression.


Empowering you to achieve your ambitions and get the career you deserve.

Inspiring leadership from within

Antoinette has over 25 years’ experience in leadership communications, including 16 years holding senior positions in some of the world’s top PR agencies.

Executive coach, TEDx speaker and two-time author, she specialises in delivering strategically-driven, results-orientated programmes that make a powerful difference to executives, boards and top teams and has been the catalyst for success for aspiring, emerging and established leaders, both in the UK and internationally.

Passionate about gender equality, she delivers programmes especially for women and is often invited to speak on stage and in panels about how to create a balanced and inclusive workforce.

Turning ambition into success

Choose from our wide range of programmes, especially designed for organisations and individuals.


Commission a bespoke Gravitas programme and secure lasting change for your leaders and your business.


Reserve your place at the next Gravitas Masterclass or Gravitas for Women retreat and supercharge your career progression.


Sign up for a bespoke programme to increase your visibility and accelerate your success.


Partner with Antoinette as your executive coach or mentor and take control of your success.

Isn’t it time you made a change?

Discover your Gravitas Profile

Know your strengths and fulfil your potential. Three simple steps to assess your gravitas.

What people say

“Antoinette has brought something genuinely new to the vast and often homogenous field of leadership development.”

Jack Richardson, Deputy Director, Government Recruitment Services,
Cabinet Office

“The managers are all thriving with their new skills, and in our follow up sessions all said how much they have learned on the programme.”

Susan Hallam, Founder, Hallam Internet
“The best development course I’ve ever been on.”
Andrea Plasschaert, Senior Manager, Global Communications, PwC
“Warm, inclusive, humorous and engaging.”
Julie Terry, LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT Business Partner, SSP
Antoinette’s had the pleasure of working with some phenonmenal clients…

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