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Since setting up her business in 2007, Antoinette and her team have delivered leadership training and coaching solutions to a variety of sectors, with long-standing clients in pharmaceuticals, property, financial services, PR, media, law and technology.
Johnson & Johnson: Elevating Women into Leadership Positions
“Antoinette had not only the perfect package for us but also supported us to tailor the experience to our needs.”


J&J were seeking a female leadership development programme for their top 30 female talent based in their Zug campus. Goals identified by the group included Personal Branding, Executive Presence and Developing Senior Advocates. Given the global reach, the programme was delivered virtually, complementing existing cross-functional work experience and group mentoring.


Antoinette partnered with the cohort leads to create a modular Gravitas programme, based around the methodology in her book, Leading with Gravitas. This included a blend of ‘live’ sessions, digital resources and self-directed group coaching sessions. To complement the programme, Antoinette delivered a keynote to the whole campus on the theme of Executive Presence.


All 30 participants reported that the programme had a profound effect on their impact and influence, with tangible progression against their career development goals.

What they said

“Thank you so much for all of your support and energy over the last 2 months; it came at the perfect time for me personally and I feel so rejuvenated from all of the sessions!”

“I have learnt and developed a lot over the last weeks whilst also having a lot of fun. It was great working together and I hope our paths cross again some time.”

“Antoinette had not only the perfect package for us but also supported us to tailor the experience to our needs. We had the highest participation rate as well as amazing feedback on the value delivered, both in the group work but also individual 1-2-1 coaching. It has been a pleasure to work with her, she is very professional and yet so approachable and fun.”

– Anna Hart, Global Data Operations Manager, Johnson & Johnson

Nucleus Global: Equipping Senior Leaders for Change
“A huge thank you to Antoinette and the team for partnering with us on developing a best-in-class leadership programme.”


Nucleus Global engaged Antoinette and her team with one goal in mind: to provide a route map for leadership excellence and an environment for senior leaders to create and share best practice.


Founded on the organisation’s vision and underpinned by newly formed leadership competencies, the programme was designed following an MBA format, with global participants invited to curate their own learning journey.

The programme explores the three themes of Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading the Business, and includes psychometric profiling, a blend of facilitated and self-directed learning, a core programme, specialist masterclasses, digital modules and leadership coaching, all tailored to elevate delegates’ personal leadership style and capabilities.


This year-long programme, which is still ongoing, will have reached 75 global leaders in four key markets, with a tailored blend of learning initiatives, all designed to equip them with the skills and insights required to lead through change. To date, we have delivered 10 core modules, 4 specialist masterclasses, 2 digital resources, 4 keynotes and regular one to one and group coaching sessions, all designed to facilitate collaboration and cross pollination of ideas through all parts of the organisation.

What they said

“A huge thank you to Antoinette and the team for partnering with us on developing a best-in-class leadership programme, ATLAS, which is now well underway with our fantastic leadership teams across the company.”

– Nucleus Global

Sky Consumer Group: Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Environment
“Insightful, valuable and most importantly, practically tailored to the individuals.”
Challenge Sky is working hard to create a diverse and inclusive environment with regular initiatives like allyship week, inclusive leadership sessions and access to e-learning modules on D&I. As part of this strategy, the Consumer Group was keen to go deeper and provide practical support, particularly to females and under-represented groups, on finding your voice and making sure you get heard in an at-pace environment. Solution The programme was delivered in three parts. Firstly, Antoinette presented a bespoke masterclass to the SLT, focusing on practical steps leaders could take to build confidence in their teams and ensure all voices are heard. Secondly, she delivered a virtual Gravitas keynote to the whole Consumer team, with guidance on how to speak with confidence and impact. Finally, she led two small-group workshops to representatives of Sky’s DE&I group on goal setting and career progression. Outcomes The initiative was successful in engaging people at all levels of the team in the importance of allyship and the steps needed to create a culture which recognises the value of working at pace whilst creating space for all members to shine. What they said “A huge thank you for today’s sessions with our groups. Insightful, valuable and most importantly, practically tailored to the individuals.” – Lizzie Charge, People Consultant, People Partnering, Consumer Group, Sky
HMRC: Building Leadership Capability and Self-Belief
“The programme has been transformational for my leaders and my business and has undoubtedly been the catalyst and the stamina behind our success.”


Antoinette and her team were engaged at a time when HMRC’s recruitment team had embarked on a colossal programme of change and transformation. The aim was to develop a tailored leadership development programme, aimed at building both individual capability and self-belief, and increasing ‘whole team’ effectiveness beyond the sum of its parts.


The programme was co-designed with the client around a core proposition of six workshops based on the Gravitas methodology, individual coaching and a sustaining event.


Programme impact was quantified against a series of statements. Overall there was an increase in scores against all the statements, particularly in areas of key focus:

+ 59% for statement: ‘I am very clear how I want to come across as a leader’

+ 58% for statement: ’I communicate with impact, gravitas and confidence’

The response to the initial workshops was so positive that a continuation programme was requested, including action learning sets and further individual coaching.

What they said

“The programme has been transformational for my leaders and my business and has undoubtedly been the catalyst and the stamina behind our success. At an individual level I’ve seen people with low self-belief truly blossom into confident, capable and compassionate leaders, with a level of finesse that many would envy. And at a team level I’ve been bowled over by the shift towards taking collective ownership, innovating collaboratively and reaching a level of self-sufficiency I’ve rarely seen in leadership teams.”

– Jack Richardson, Deputy Director, Government Recruitment Services, HMRC

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