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Looking for an experienced, professional and engaging keynote speaker with an innovative approach?

Professional, engaging, easy to work with

Antoinette delivers inspiring, entertaining and transformational keynotes and talks to large and small audiences, both in person and virtually. With over 25 years’ experience in leadership communication, she specialises in delivering challenging, entertaining and action-orientated talks that make a powerful difference to audiences worldwide.

Drawing on her own experience as a leader and through her extensive experience of working with leaders, she shares her unique methodologies, practical insights and techniques from her books, Leading with Gravitas and Power Up.

As a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and the Global Speakers Federation, she’s frequently invited to deliver keynotes and speak on panels about gravitas, leadership and promoting the cause of women in business. She’s an accredited speaker for VISTAGE, the global organisation for MDs, CEOS and leaders and recently wowed audiences with her first TEDx: Gender Equality: The New Power Dynamic.


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Gender Equality: The New Power Dynamic
Speaker Reel
WeAreBW’s Women in Construction

What makes Antoinette different from other speakers?

Booking a talk with Antoinette does not begin or end when she’s on stage.


  • For maximum relevance, she works with you to profile your organisation – its vision, mission and values – investigating hot topics facing your industry and interviewing audience members about issues and opportunities on their minds.
  • After the event, she takes time to speak with your audience, adding value wherever she can
  • As well as access to signed copies of her books, audiences receive customised handouts full of tips and techniques for success.
  • To maintain momentum, she stays in touch after the talk, offering regular access to the latest insights in leadership, impact and influence.

Antoinette’s signature talks


Maximising Your Leadership Impact & Influence

In today’s pressurized, fast-paced workplace, the word ‘change’ often means chaos, complexity and stress. In an increasingly competitive environment, pitches are harder fought, contracts harder won and senior roles harder to come by.

Gravitas is an essential leadership quality during times of change. Leaders with gravitas are calm in a crisis, cut through chaos and illuminate a pathway to success. The good news is, any leader can develop gravitas when they follow Antoinette’s unique, proven methodology, encapsulated in her book, Leading with Gravitas.

Designed exclusively with your leaders in mind, the session provides a chance to spark thinking and debate about how gravitas can be maximised through the positive use of power.


  • Increase awareness of your role, identity and purpose as a leader, whatever level you’re at
  • Develop skills to communicate with gravitas
  • Learn how to use your voice, body language and mindset to increase visibility and make a powerful impact


  • Gain a clear understanding of the six essential qualities for Gravitas
  • Experience how subtle changes in body language/voice can enable you to communicate more powerfully

Power at Work

Accessing & Expressing Your Power

Many people have a narrow definition of power and believe you either have it or you don’t. In fact, power is multifaceted, carrying both positive and negative connotations, and shapes every interaction we have with people and within our organisations.

In this talk, Antoinette shares insights from her new book, Power Up: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Unleashing Her Potential, including what is power, how it is evolving and how everyone can access their personal power for the good of all.

Packed with powerful techniques on powering up your potential, her message is that when everyone is able to access the full power spectrum, from quietly compelling magnetism to strongly voiced assertiveness, organisations and society as a whole will become more powerful.

NB: As well as a talk on ‘Power’, Antoinette can also design a standalone or linked series of talks or webinars on specific themes, eg: Power Up Your Career, Power Up Your Personal Brand, Power Up Your Communication, Power Up Your Resilience, Power Up Your Confidence.


  • Raise awareness of barriers to career progression facing women, including specific challenges through the pandemic
  • Understand how conscious and unconscious biases regarding gender can impede business success
  • Explore practical techniques to communicate more confidently and assertively
  • Provide guidance on how men and women can champion one another, so that everyone can be more effective and successful


  • Explore the ‘power spectrum’ and the Power Up model featured in Antoinette’s book
  • Learn and apply the PowerPause© for resilience and assertiveness

What people say

“Antoinette exceeded her excellent reputation, and gave an insightful and inspirational talk which offered the audience practical and actionable take-aways.”

Liz Griffiths, Head of Communications and Marketing, UCL

“Antoinette has the skill of keeping a group of Senior Leaders engaged, challenged and valued for the skills and experience they bring to the table.”

Natasha Gorman – ‘Senior Leader Talent Programme’ lead, HMRC
“Really engaging session, we’ve already had tonnes of fabulous feedback.”
Peter Reilly, Commercial Director, STV

“My inbox is full of notes from people thanking me and several people said they’d heard that the event was great. Thank you very much.”

Catherine C, Global Head of Learning, Investment Bank

“Our panel chose Antoinette to speak at TEDxTelford. We knew we wanted an authentic speaker, with a clear message and a fully developed idea. I would not hesitate to work with Antoinette again in the future.”

Sam Warner, TEDx Event Organiser

Book Antoinette to speak at your next live or virtual event and inspire your audiences to make change happen.

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