Communication Skills Assessment

Want to develop your gravitas but not sure where to start?

The Gravitas Test is a simple, three-step process that will profile your gravitas and outline actions needed to improve your leadership. Improving your gravitas will get your voice heard, will help you navigate challenging conversations and bring you trust, loyalty and engagement from your teams.

Profiling your gravitas is a simple three-step process that takes about ten minutes to complete and is based on the methodology in Antoinette’s book, Leading with Gravitas.

Once you’ve completed the Test, we’ll email you a complimentary report which will guide you through your gravitas profile, with advice from Antoinette on how to progress.

Step 1

Identify your goal

Step 2

Take the assessment

Step 3

Access the report

Take the Gravitas Test

For best results we recommend accessing the Gravitas Assessment from a laptop or desktop computer.

What people say

“Breaks down gravitas into meaningful components and provides practical steps to strengthen it.”

Kelly Teasdale, Entrepreneur

“A great tool for understanding your strengths and simplifying the actions you can take to progress.”

Matthew, Partner, law firm

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