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Why Abundance is a Load of Old S&*t

How do we create a world of opportunity? A world where success, happiness and fulfilment come easily to us?

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been following a ’21 Days of Abundance’ programme from Deepak Chopra. One of the best outcomes has been my daily commitment to meditation, an act of self-care I’ve never gifted myself before. Prioritising this time, no matter what, has been a bit of a revelation for me, a regular message that I’m worth it, hugely welcome during a time where a lot of what I’m about has been turned upside down.

Although in the past, I’ve been somewhat sceptical about the whole concept of ‘asking the universe’, feeling that simply trusting that ‘it’ will provide is, basically, abdicating responsibility, what’s become clear to me is that when we pay attention to what’s around us, we realise that abundance, rather than being something out there, is actually more about what we already have.

When we realise that, it becomes much easier to spot opportunities and make those connections that then deliver success to our door. In the same way that we make our own luck, those coincidences and opportunities for success are everywhere, just waiting to be spotted. The challenge is actually noticing them.

And sometimes the greatest gifts are hiding in the basest of places.

Let me give you a simple example.

One of the things that’s been keeping me sane these past few weeks is pottering around in my garden. I don’t really know what I’m doing and am probably uprooting or trampling on all sorts of abundant gems, but what I did notice this morning was that with all this abundant sunshine all over the place, one thing my plants were desperately in need of was some extra nourishment. Where I was going to get that in lockdown, I had no idea.


I’ve also been fortunate enough to continue riding during lockdown and was at the stables, socially distancing of course, earlier today. Just as I was thinking about what I wanted for my garden, a woman came round the corner with a wheelbarrow, full of manure. Right there, an abundant pile of S&*t.

And so you guessed it, what my garden needed had been there, all along.

It’s free, plentiful and, ironically, something that most people would recoil from or want to make disappear.

As we think about what we want most in life, how about we strip away the trappings of success which may bring transient joy, but not true fulfilment. And look at what we already have. We may even realise that there are secret gems hiding in even the shi&iest of places.

Namaste x

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