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Videos & Podcasts

How to move beyond ‘faking it til you make it’

In this short video, Antoinette talks about why expressions like ‘faking it til you make it’, ‘man up’ and ‘big girl pants’ are dangerous and how to move beyond them

How to show appreciation for your team

The art of saying thank you

How to manage your emotions with the #powerpause

In this short video, Antoinette Dale Henderson shares a simple tool from her book, Power Up, to harness and channel your emotions, rather then having them run away with you

What is assertive communication? How can you get your voice heard?

The subtle changes you can make that make all the difference to your leadership impact & influence

Can introverts develop gravitas? Of course they can.

Find out in Antoinette’s podcast interview with Jon Baker on his Introvert’s show

Want to find out how to command respect, get taken seriously and stand out from the crowd?

Tune into Lovelda Vincenzi’s podcast where she interviews Antoinette on just that

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