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In House Programmes

Partnering with you to build stronger, more articulate and inclusive leaders

Wondering how to equip your leaders for the new normal?

During crisis and change, we look to our leaders for certainty, reassurance and direction. Without this, trust diminishes, loyalty dwindles and productivity suffers. Unprecedented times need unprecedented leaders and many organisations are recognising that they need a fresh approach to help their people thrive.


Leaders with gravitas communicate a clear vision and get their voice heard, whether that’s across borders, remotely or in the boardroom.


Calm in a crisis, they stand up for what they believe, navigate conflict and challenging conversations with ease and proactively influence change.


Straight-talking and authentic, they inspire trust, loyalty and engagement from their teams, meaning greater productivity, lower attrition, and a boost in performance.

Our in-house programmes are designed to equip your leaders with the skills to step up and communicate with clarity, courage and conviction so that they can inspire a shared vision and deliver results.

Formulated around Antoinette’s unique Gravitas methodology, they bring together the best of leadership development and communications skills.

Who do we work with?


Senior leaders making the transition to board, partnership and C-Suite


Team leaders stepping up as ‘the face’ of their organisation


SMEs who have the technical expertise but need the people skills to progress


Ambitious teams who need to influence and inspire stakeholders to say ‘yes’


Leaders who require the resilience, flexibility and autonomy to make change happen


Pitch teams who need to dazzle and inspire prospective clients to win

Choose from

‘Leading with Gravitas’

Our flagship programme provides emerging and established leaders with all the ‘soft’ skills needed to deliver hard results.

Designed in line with your business outcomes, a typical programme includes goal setting, Gravitas Profiling using our exclusive tool, 4-6 modules based around the Gravitas framework and 121 coaching at regular milestones.

Outcomes of this transformational programme include stronger, more resilient leadership, more powerful communication, greater influence and increased visibility for your organisation and teams.

‘Gravitas for Women’

This course has been designed in response to demand for a programme that accelerates high potential women to senior positions and addresses the real challenges they face as they progress up the career ladder. 

Comprising a two-day, immersive course and executive coaching, the experience is highly personalised and transformational. 

 Organisations which invest in this programme see increased engagement and retention of their female talent, stronger, more resilient leadership, greater gender diversity at all levels, a more inclusive pipeline and an enhanced corporate reputation.

Gravitas Masterclass 

Our signature masterclass is designed to profoundly enhance your leadership impact and influence, both in-person and virtual. 

Highly interactive and practical, it includes scenarios and exercises relevant to your industry, including how to confidently lead presentations and meetings, handle challenging conversations, network with ease and influence with integrity. 

Outcomes include increased self-awareness and confidence, greater autonomy, more powerful communication, enhanced EQ and increased engagement from your leaders and teams.  

Specialist Workshops

Our Gravitas Express workshops focus on specific business including Pitching with Gravitas, Facilitating with Gravitas, Influencing with Gravitas and Conversations with Gravitas.

We are also excited by opportunities to support our clients with bespoke solutions to suit their needs. Recent assignments have included:


  • ‘Facilitating with Gravitas’: a virtual masterclass for senior leaders at a global communications agency
  • ‘Inclusive Development Conversations’: a comprehensive programme for the management population at an investment firm
  • ‘Leadership Branding’ for the board of a management consultancy to define their collective and individual brand
  • ‘Talk Like TED’: a keynote masterclass for a pharmaceutical company to prepare speakers for a global conference.

We also offer Executive Coaching and Leadership Branding Programmes for our corporate clients. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help.


How to measure success?

We include the following measures as standard: pre-intervervention benchmarking, ongoing assessment against learning objectives and post-intervention tracking and can work with you to design an ROI framework based on your success criteria.

What’s the time commitment?

Programmes are designed to suit your people’s commitments and, depending on the desired outcomes, can be either delivered over a period of weeks/months or immersively.

Can you deliver the programme remotely?

All programmes can be delivered in-person, remotely or a blend of both, using your preferred platforms.

How does this fit with the rest of my leadership development?

All interventions are designed to complement your leadership strategy. Although some of our clients rely solely on the Leading with Gravitas programme to address their leadership development needs, we can equally design our Masterclasses to align with your other programmes.

What people say

“The programme has itself been transformational for my leaders and my business, and has undoubtedly been the catalyst and the stamina behind our success.”
Jack Richardson, Deputy Director, Government Recruitment Services, Cabinet Office
Read more about Antoinette's work with the Cabinet Office

“My businesses embarked on a colossal programme of change and transformation, with an inexperienced leadership team and an ‘all or nothing’ commercial context, where we would either become the supplier of choice or face being wound down altogether. I engaged Antoinette and colleagues to develop a tailored leadership development programme, aimed at building both individual capability and self-belief, and increasing ‘whole team’ effectiveness beyond the sum of its parts.

The programme has itself been transformational for my leaders and my business, and has undoubtedly been the catalyst and the stamina behind our success. At an individual level I’ve seen people with low self-belief truly blossom into confident, capable and compassionate leaders, with a level of finesse that many would envy. And at a team level I’ve been bowled over by the shift towards taking collective ownership, innovating collaboratively and reaching a level of self-sufficiency I’ve rarely seen in leadership teams.”

“The managers are all thriving with their new skills, and in our follow up sessions all said how much they have learned on the programme.”

Susan Hallam, Founder, Hallam Internet
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Issue: The company had grown to such a size that a reorganisation was required, and a plan put into place to restructure teams in order to stay close to clients and continue to deliver a high-quality service.

How: The team managers were identified as central to spearheading changes and ensuring new practices were adopted, standards met and targets exceeded.

Solution: A management programme tailored to Hallam’s unique culture and business was designed to give managers the knowledge and skills they need to manage effectively – while fulfilling their potential and reinforcing the company’s unique culture.

Results: Hallam consistently delivers more than 25% growth year on year, and the training provided by Antoinette has contributed to this ongoing success.

Client Quote: “The managers are all thriving with their new skills, and in our follow up sessions all said how much they have learned on the programme, and how much yet there is to digest. Most importantly, they have put in a process to keep up the momentum of the skills that you have introduced”.

Isn’t it time you took the lead?

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