How to Make Imposter Syndrome Work
For You

Imposter Syndrome

Sick of your imposter syndrome getting in the way of your success?

Check out my top 24 tips on how to make friends with your imposter and use it to power you ahead.

Imposter syndrome is a belief that you’re not as competent as others perceive you to be, the fear that one day you’re going to be found out and the feeling that you don’t belong where you are. 

Common symptoms include self doubt, an inability to realistically assess your strengths, attributing your success to external factors or luck, berating your performance, fear that you won’t live up to expectations, overachieving, sabotaging your own success and feeling disappointed when you fall short of extremely challenging goals.


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About the author

Over the last 25 years, Antoinette Dale Henderson has coached thousands of women at all stages of their lives and careers on confidence, communication and assertiveness.

Passionate about furthering the cause of women in business, she’s regularly featured in the media and speaks passionately about how everyone, however they identify, can power up to fulfil their potential.

Mum to two teenage daughters, her powerful TEDx: Gender Equality: The New Power Dynamic, explores why traditional forms of power are broken and the surprising truth about what makes people truly powerful.

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“This book will make a massive difference to anyone who reads it.”

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Zara Bryson, Strategy Director, Publicis Media

“Using this book will help you unleash your power and be the driving force for your success.”

Anna Parfitt, Head of HR, Oliver Bonas

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